Sustainability is more than

just impressive quotes,

it's key to your

responsible business strategy.


Is it on your agenda yet?


Invisible Minds is a collaboration of independent sustainability and communication experts who are passionate about shaping sustainable businesses. Together with our customers,

we design sustainable strategies that enhance performance, empower communications and demonstrate tangible results.



the World

Sustainable Strategy



The world today is changing rapidly.

In the past generation, companies have evolved to make the most of the opportunities offered by globalization, limited resources and Internet technology. Now, companies need to be ready for the challenges of the future generations – sustainability and transparency.


Sustainability is the common element for companies focusing on more than their bottom line. Working on many levels – from improving the company’s reputation with customers and other stakeholders to lower energy bills and other cost savings – sustainable strategies should be communicated for maximum awareness.

At Invisible Minds we understand the benefits of combining two worlds: the world of sustainability and the world of communications. As experts in both, we ensure your sustainability strategies are communicated clearly and concisely to your local, national or international target audience for maximum business impact.



Having the ambition to actively tackle the challenge of sustainability is a good step towards the broader concerns of sustainable development. Invisible Minds works with you to analyse and evaluate your current economic, social and environmental impact to develop ways to actively improve your position, regardless of your size or budget.


Independent Experts

Addressing Sustainability

Strategic Sustainability

We are ready to listen, research and evaluate your professional profile to create the right sustainable strategy for your company and your stakeholders. The plan that we develop for your business will incorporate both sustainability and transparent communications to maximize the potential impact for all stakeholders and demonstrate tangible results.


Sustainability is vital for the future. Regardless of where you are on your sustainability journey – from having your first thoughts to evaluating your current sustainable position to ensure its potential is maximized – Invisible Minds can advise you with relevant insights that identify solutions, engage employees and empowers your company to go to the next level.

Compelling communication about the results of your sustainability strategy is essential for encouraging employee engagement and behavioural change. This promotes dialogue and improves relationships between businesses, society and other stakeholders. Good communication has the potential to create impact, facilitate collaboration and strengthen partnerships.



Every industry faces unique challenges when it comes to sustainability. But regardless of your sector or company size

(from small and medium national companies to large multinationals), we strive to shape and share your sustainable strategy to deliver maximum impact.